The Locke x Terra Project

Memories :: The Locke x Terra Project

We are just a small group of people who believe Locke and Terra can and will (or, alternately, should have but didn’t) end up together.

The Articles of Faith (according to me)

1. Locke and Terra are a good couple and should be together.
2. Locke was never really in love with Celes, though he may have been attracted to her.
3. FF6’s ending is not conclusively L x C.
4. Locke isn’t over Rachel yet (i.e., at the end of the game) but eventually he will be.
5. Terra doesn’t NEED a boyfriend. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty cool that she ends the game without one. But it would be nice for her to have one, all the same.
6. Locke could fall for either Terra or Celes after the game ends; we just want it to be Terra.
7. There’s nothing wrong with interfering in the love lives of fictional characters.
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We DON’T believe…

1. In Celes bashing. Think what you want of her, but be civil. Or else. ::looks threatening::
2. In the Locke x Celes pairing. We (by which I mean “I”) like her, but she and Locke aren’t right for each other.
3. In fanart theft. Personal use (like, your own desktop) is one thing, swiping it for layouts and saying “I don’t know who drew this” most definitely is not. If you use anonymous fanart, do not expect to be added to the members list.