Awards !!!! awards

Hey, I *like* showing off. These awards were bestowed on various sites in my collective, or on the collective as a whole. Among the individual sites, Homecoming and Raccoon Girl have both been Anipike weekly picks, and Moonlight and Sakura was mentioned in a Last Exit Before Toll column (August 2001). For the record, these are posted in the order I received them, newest at the top, and include awards given to my various subpages.

Promises Not Needed was site of the month for February at Elemental Reviews, and I am a horrible ungracious person for not updating sooner.

Teien Onna and Bluejay sent me this long ago, but it was during my site’s unannounced, unplanned hiatus. I’m a lazy, worthless person… ::grovels::

July has just been snowing awards! Well, comparatively. Check out the review!

I have been spotlighted by the Vigilantes! Actually, the spotlight was on Vitamin Love but I put all my awards here for now. I like kimonos.