By : Ovo She wasn’t cold. Not like they were, not on the outside. But her blood froze as she watched the troops fall in across the field. She didn’t know them, not from this distance; she might have known one or two, or their brothers, or their families… Kefka. She knew Kefka; not an […]

Memories :: The Locke x Terra Project We are just a small group of people who believe Locke and Terra can and will (or, alternately, should have but didn’t) end up together. The Articles of Faith (according to me) 1. Locke and Terra are a good couple and should be together. 2. Locke was never really in

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Awards !!!! awards Hey, I *like* showing off. These awards were bestowed on various sites in my collective, or on the collective as a whole. Among the individual sites, Homecoming and Raccoon Girl have both been Anipike weekly picks, and Moonlight and Sakura was mentioned in a Last Exit Before Toll column (August 2001). For the record, these are posted in the order I

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